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You are a Trainee Borrower. Since you require handholding support, you may Login after registering and choose to seek Handholding Support in desired area(s) through the portal. The information would be sent to the concerned agency (Help Centers) through the portal and through e-mail. Payments ( if any) for all services availed by the applicant from Help centers are to be directly settled by the applicant with the Help Centers. Once you are ready with the necessary skills and documents, you may apply for the loan either through the portal or directly with the lenders.
You are a Ready Borrower. You may choose to register and login to the portal and directly fill up the application form which would be forwarded to the loan centre and also directly to your chosen lender. The information would also be sent to the LDM and connect centers through the portal and through e-mail. The application can be picked up by any of the participating lenders through the portal for which feedback would be available to you along with your application details. You may approach the lenders directly for any further follow-up. The lenders may request for additional information which may have to be provided offline. The portal provides options to upload certain documents like detailed project report which would help the lenders to appraise your application. You may also choose to contact your LDM, connect centers for any follow-up / communication with the concerned lenders. You may note that loan will be sanctioned by the lenders if eligible as per appraisal and the lender norms. Additionally you may also choose to seek support of handholding agencies through the portal or offline. You may also choose to apply to the lender directly without coming through the portal. Payments (if any) for all services availed by the applicant from Help Centers are to be directly settled by the applicant with the agencies.
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